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Bol.com is the perfect sales channel in the Netherlands and Belgium to quickly increase your sales. We help you with setting up your bol.com sales account, putting products online, logistics via Bol.com and automation. Our Bol.com services include, but are not limited to:

Managing Bol.com account
– Create sales account and partner platform as needed.
– Putting the product catalog online in bulk.
– Manage orders, tracking codes and returns.
– Monitoring of Bol.com service standards and purchase block performance.
– Integration of software tools and setting up automation.
– Set up and manage customer service.

SEO and product page optimization
– Generate visibility on Bol.com through product ranking strategies.
– Research keywords and ensure correct indexation.
– Optimize product pages with the goal of increasing conversion.

Sponsored Products
– Setting up a successful advertising strategy and structure.
– Continuous monitoring and improvement of advertising performance.
– Guaranteeing a good Advertising Cost of Sale and Return On Advertising Spend.

Logistics via Bol.com
– Guaranteeing an efficient logistics process.
– Product forecasting and making logistical analyzes.

Software links
– Advice and support in the field of software tools and automation.