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We are an expert in sales via Amazon and have extensive experience in managing small accounts to accounts with thousands of products. In addition to our operational knowledge of Amazon Seller Central, we also have specialist knowledge in the field of. Amazon’s algorithm, product ranking, market research and advertisements. Our Amazon services include, but are not limited to:

Managing Amazon account 
– Putting the product catalog online.
– Create an account as required, including setting up tax matters and logistics processes.
– Monitoring your health and performance account.
– Integration of software tools and setting up automation.
– Set up and manage customer service. SEO and product page optimization

– Generate visibility on Amazon through product ranking strategies.
– Generate and follow up reviews and feedback.
– Research keywords and ensure correct indexation.
– Optimize product pages with the goal of increasing conversion.

Amazon ads
– Setting up a successful advertising strategy and structure.
– Continuous monitoring and improvement of advertising performance.
– Provide insight into reports and analyzes.
– Guaranteeing a good Advertising Cost of Sale and Return On Advertising Spend.

Amazon logistics
– Ensuring an efficient logistics process that meets Amazon performance standards.
– Manage Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM).
– Product forecasting and making logistical analyzes.

Brand management
– Setting up your own Amazon Storefront.
– Protecting the brand through Amazon Brand Registry.
– Put extensive brand content online following the Brand Registry.
– Monitoring Buy Box competitors and price agreements.

Reports and analyzes
– Competition and product research using strategic tools and analyzes.
– Analyzes based on Amazon business and fulfillment reports.
– Finding new products and market insights.

Data feed management
– Linking and managing data feed tools such as Channable and ChannelEngine.
– Link data feed tools to Amazon and other marketplaces.
– Amazon account management through data feed tools. 
– Setting up correct input, rules and output to relevant marketplaces. 
– Order management.